Swim Spa Supply


If you need an electrical supply for your new swim spa, look no further, we are here to help. This option is for a 40-72 amp hot tub supply.

All parts and labour included to get you ‘swim spa’ ready. Our spa supplies come with a 10 year guarantee.

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Installation time
Approx 4 hours. Once we’ve arrived, together we will decide on the neatest possible cable route for your new spa supply.

Materials used for your spa supply

  • MCB
  • RCD
  • Armoured Cabling
  • Rotary Isolation Switch

Your MCB will cut the power to your hot tub if the circuit becomes overloaded or a dead short arises. Your MCB will be rated to handle the maximum current of the spa.

We install a 30ma RCD to all our spa supplies. The RCD is an extra line of protection for both you, and for the spa.

SWA Cabling
Steel Wired Armour (SWA) is the cable we use for all our spa supplies. The current required will determine the thickness of your cable.

Rotary Isolation Switch
This is a regulation that also makes it easier to isolate the spa in the event of servicing. An IP65 Rotary Isolator is used in the majority of installations.
Once your installation is complete we will supply you with an electrical certificate. Most companies will not install the spa without a valid electrical certificate. Warranties can also be invalid if you fail to present a certificate on request so keep it safe.

Terms and Conditions
Standard price includes a cable run of up to 30 meters in length from the consumer unit to the hot tub. If more cable is required we can supply at a cost of £4.00 per metre. All circuits must be RCD protected.