Pod Point Tethered Lead - Charging Point supply
and installation

£995 excl VAT

£1,194 inc VAT

Pod Point S7-2C-6MA-2 Solo, single-phase electric vehicle chargers provide state-of-the-art EV charging for a range of leading electric car manufacturers. Adaptable mounting options, Pod Point’s home socketed chargers gives the user flexibility on where to mount the device, but also the position of the charger as well. App-controlled, Pod Point charging stations have a built-in WIFI function which connects to the cloud and acts as your dedicated account manager. This enables remote support, diagnostic checking and firmware updates of the charger. The charging pod provides useful efficiency data such as energy usage and C02 savings via an easy to use App.

Install time: Up to 4 hours

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What to know

  • Tethered charge cable for quicker plug-in access when you arrive home
  • Includes Type 2 tethered cable and universal socket
  • Features WIFI connectivity
  • Status indicator lights
  • Warranty: 3 year
  • Remotely schedule your charge times for the cheapest energy rate
  • IP rating: IP54

Key information

Materials used for your EV supply

  • EV charger
  • MCB
  • RCD
  • Armoured Cabling

EV Charger – All EV charges will charge on demand taking an average of 4-5 hours to fully charge your vehicle. They are also packed with safety features to cut the electrical supply in the case of a fault to protect your vehicle.

MCB – Your MCB will cut the power to your EV charger if the circuit becomes overloaded or a dead short arises. Your MCB will be rated to handle the maximum current of the EV charger.

RCB – We install a 30ma RCD to all our EV supplies. The RCD is an extra line of protection for both you, and for the EV charger.

SWA Cabling – Steel Wired Armour (SWA) is the cable we use for all our EV supplies. The current required will determine the thickness of your cable.

Once your installation is complete we will supply you with an electrical certificate. Warranties could be invalid if you fail to present a certificate on request so keep it safe.

Terms and Conditions
Standard price includes a cable length of up to 30 meters from the consumer unit to the EV charger. If more cable is required we can supply at a cost of £4.00 per metre. All circuits must be RCD protected.

Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers

Are you eligible for a Home Charging Grant?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is connected to both the UK Department of Transport and the UK Department of Trade, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. It exists to promote the adoption of low emission vehicles.

To qualify for the OZEV Grant you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have off-street parking.
  • Your property is within the UK.
  • Your vehicle is eligible for the grant. All eligible vehicles appear here.
  • You can provide evidence that you own or lease an electric vehicle (even if you haven’t received the vehicle).
  • You have not already claimed the grant for your vehicle.
  • By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OZEV funded charge points per household.

We apply for the OZEV government grant on your behalf. If the application is successful you could see up to £350.00 back after the installation. We expect confirmation from GOV.UK within a few months.