Pod Point Solo 3, Tethered Lead - Charging Point supply
and installation

£995 excl VAT

£1,194 inc VAT

Pod Point Solo 3 S7-2C-3 is a 7kw electric car charger that comes tethered with a 7.5m charging cable. Solo 3 allows you to charge your electric vehicle at home up to 3x faster than with a 3 pin plug and is compatible with any electric vehicle, providing up to 30 miles of range per charging hour. It’s an upgrade of the previous model Pod point S7 2C 6MA 2, a new and improved more robust and discrete design that is 45% smaller to the Pod Point Solo 2 whilst still retaining all the innovative features.

Protected with auto power balancing, Solo 3 ensures that charging your electric vehicle doesn’t cause energy disruption to the rest of your home. By adjusting the charge rate automatically, Solo 3 chargers ensure your home electrical supply doesn’t become overloaded if other areas of your home are consuming large amounts of energy. Charging will then automatically return to the fastest rate as more power becomes available. Auto power balancing means that you can continue to use all household appliances as normal and even install and run a second Pod Point Charger for other vehicles.

A coloured light indicates the status of the charger for ease of use, letting users know when their vehicle is charging or fully charged, when the charge point is waiting to start a scheduled charge, identifying a fault and many other indicators. Solo 3 EV Chargers are Wi-Fi enabled. Connecting your Pod Point to Wi-Fi enables you to access new features, download the latest software and receive remote support.

The Solo 3 EV Charger can be paired with the Pod Point app to provide insights into your charging activity and optimise your energy usage. The app, which is available on iOS and Android also allows you to remotely schedule your charging and download itemised charging reports. The Pod Point App is available to download on App Store and Google Play. It also includes and exceeds all required and “optional” safety features noted in the BS EN 61851-1 standard for electric vehicle charging.

Install time: Up to 4 hours

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What to know

  • EV Car Charger for Domestic Use
  • Charge Car Up To 3 Times Faster Than With a 3-Pin Plug
  • Provides Up to 30 Miles of Range Per Charging Hour
  • Auto Power Balancing – Ensures Home Power Supply Is Not Overloaded
  • Wi-Fi Enabled – Connect to Receive Updates, New Features and Remote Support
  • Suitable for Use With Pod Point App for Remotely Scheduling Charging, Downloading Charging Reports and Optimising Energy Usage
  • Includes Type 2 7.5m Tethered Charging Cable with Holster
  • Vehicle Connector: IEC62196-2 (Type 2)
  • Single Phase
  • Maximum Power Rating: 7kW (30A)
  • IP Rating: IP54 Enclosure
  • Input Voltage Rating: 50Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -25c to 50c
  • Protections: 6mA Leakage, Over Current, PME and Failed Earth Protection
  • Socket Type: Type 2 with Statutory Locking Mechanism
  • Secure Connection Security: Secure Data Encryption HTTPS with SHA-256 Hash Algorithm
  • Height:330mm
  • Width:290mm
  • Depth:112mm
  • Weight:6kg
  • 3 Year Warranty

Key information

Materials used for your EV supply

  • EV charger
  • MCB
  • RCD
  • Armoured Cabling

EV Charger – All EV charges will charge on demand taking an average of 4-5 hours to fully charge your vehicle. They are also packed with safety features to cut the electrical supply in the case of a fault to protect your vehicle.

MCB – Your MCB will cut the power to your EV charger if the circuit becomes overloaded or a dead short arises. Your MCB will be rated to handle the maximum current of the EV charger.

RCB – We install a 30ma RCD to all our EV supplies. The RCD is an extra line of protection for both you, and for the EV charger.

SWA Cabling – Steel Wired Armour (SWA) is the cable we use for all our EV supplies. The current required will determine the thickness of your cable.

Once your installation is complete we will supply you with an electrical certificate. Warranties could be invalid if you fail to present a certificate on request so keep it safe.

Terms and Conditions
Standard price includes a cable length of up to 30 meters from the consumer unit to the EV charger. If more cable is required we can supply at a cost of £4.00 per metre. All circuits must be RCD protected.

Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers