Consumer Unit Upgrades

From £1350 excl VAT

£1620 inc VAT

If you have an old cartridge fuse box that needs upgrading, we can install a new up to date consumer unit to your home or business.

Hager consumer unit with surge protection (SPD) x10 RCBO’s included in price. Additional charge for extra circuits, earth bonding & mains tail upgrades.

This option includes consumer unit, labour and BS7671 Electrical Certificate.

Install time: Up to 5 hours

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The benefits of a new Consumer Unit

RCD protection
SPD surge protection
Earthing system upgrade
Correctly labelled circuits
Conform with current regs
Full electrical test and certificate
Scope for future home improvements
Added safety against fire & electric shock


What a Consumer Unit should do?
Firstly, we should talk about what a consumer unit should do. Not only should they control the electrical function of your home, they are also able to detect any dangerous problems. RCD’s are now fitted in all homes, due to its dual protection capabilities. They are able to detect faulty
appliances before you know they are faulty, and they activate in less than a second if a live wire is touched in your home.

When your CSU needs upgrading?
If your consumer unit still contains the old ‘fuse’ protection rather than a RCD, an upgrade is recommended. If your consumer unit is old, then there is a possibility your home contains old wires, and like anything else, as they depreciate it can become a huge hazard. More modern RCD consumer units have sensitive switches and activate when something is wrong which keeps you and your family safe. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What are the benefits of a modern Consumer Unit?
Modern consumer units monitor every circuit and electrical appliance in your home, meaning you are well protected. Homes with older consumer units tend to have higher insurance rates, this is because there are more at risk to living in, as the chance of having an electrical fire is greater. While a home with a modern consumer unit tends to have a higher resale value because it is more guarded. All new units come with an installation certificate confirming you are in line with the latest regulations, this is a must for rental properties.

Terms and conditions

Base price consumer unit size of x10 circuits. If you require a larger consumer unit additional circuits are charged at £50.00 per circuit. If we come across any unforeseen issues with the existing wiring system, fault finding may be required to resolve the issue. This service is charged at £100 + vat per hour.